We appreciate all kind of talent. No matter you are skill actor, dancer, musician, performer,entertainer or want to be an intern,

please don't hesitate to send us your head shot, professional cv & demo reel. 

If you don't have any training or experience but

you are passionate about the insdustry, 

non doctor up picture must submit for application.

Appliciation without height, date of birth and contact details

may cause delay of our response, please note.

Medium Shot
Medium Shot

Simply take a picture with your mobile in clear background


Clearly show us your headshot and no doctor picture

Full Length Snap
Full Length Snap

Submit full length picture which we can see your proportion

REMARKS : No visit , ONLY Accept Email submission



We may not contact you frequently but we will definitely

contact you if there is any project suitable for you.

Hope to work with you very soon!